Restaurant Suyapa

Suyapa is a restaurant and hotel located on the beach in Las Penitas. It is located very close to Playa Roca. This is the most upscale restaurant in Las Penitas and as such it is also the most expensive restaurant. This does however not mean that you can not go here to eat a cheap meal. Ironically it can be the cheapest restaurant on the beach to eat at if you order the right items from the menu. You can read more about that further down in the article.

The restaurant is large and located right on the waters edge. The restaurant offer 3 different seating alternatives. In the main dinning area, right on the beach under palm roofs and on a second floor with stunning views.

Suyapa is visited by a lot of wealthy Nicaraguans and host a lot of weddings and conferences.

Map to Suyapa

map to suyapa

Suyapa Menu

Suyapa has a large menu and offer a more international and upscale menu than the other restaurants in the area. The menu do as you might expect contain a lot of meat and fish. The menu contains some items that offer very good value for money and that makes this restaurant worth a visit even if you are on a tight budget. The key is to look on the menu under appetizers. The item here are cheap and are far from small appetizers. They are in fact very big servings that makes them a great main course and you are likely to find that you will struggle to finish one appetizer. A chicken appetizer with french fries cost about USD5 making it one of the cheapest option on the beach.

They have a decent drink menu and the drinks are well mixed without too much or too little alcohol.


The prices for most items are in the 10-20 USD range making Suyapa an expensive option (for the area). They do however as described above offer cheap alternatives.


This is a very nice restaurant that offers good surroundings, nice food and good service.

We Recommended Suyapa to:

We recommend Suyapa to anyone who wants a good meal. It is a good option to anyone who wants an alternative to the food you find in most other restaurants in the area.