Exploring the Juan Venado Natural Preserve

Isla Juan Venado is a sandy barrier island located right next to Las Penitas Bay. It is an important nesting ground for sea turtles, and this natural preserve is also home to crocodiles, caimans, birds, crabs, and much more. A mangrove forest grows between the island and the mainland, functioning as a nursery for may species of sea fish and other marine creatures. read more

Diving Las Penitas

Sadly, there is no dive school in Las Penitas or Poneloya. If you wish to visit the largely unexplored coral reefs right outside the beach, you can contact Kon-Tiki tours to arrange transportation and guiding. They are not a dive school, so you need to be a certified diver to go. Call Lito at 843 860 50 for more information.

Las Penitas Beach

Las penitas has a very nice beach that you can have almost to yourself while sunning and frolicing in the water. Sea turtle visit the beach in large numbers to lay their eggs and it is not unusual to sea whales from the beach.  Their is a strong rip tide at times and only experinced swimmers are recommended to go into deep water. weak swimmers better stay in shallow water.