Restaurant Barca Del Oro

Barca del oro is a restaurant and hotel located on Las penitas bay. You can see Isla Juan Venado from your dining table. It is offers great views of the bay from a cozy well planted garden. It is one of the best restaurants in las penitas and offer a good selection of food. The prices are average for the area and the service is usually good although it can be a bit slow at times.

Map to Barca Del Oro

Barca Del Oro Menu

The menu at Barca del oro is based around meat and fish but also offer other types of sea food, pasta and sandwiches. The food is well made and taste good. The food here contains more herbs and spices than most other restaurants. It is not spicy but flavorful.

They have a good selection of wines for the area.


Barca del oro offer food at prices in line with most other restaurants in the area. They are not cheap but not expensive either.


Barca del oro is a popular restaurant and a popular hotel. When you are there it easy to see why. It is one of the most inviting restaurants in the area and the view of the bay and Isla Juan Venado is stunning. The food is well prepared according to your preferences and tastes well. The service is usually good but can be slow. This is especially true on very busy or very slow days.

In the end it is the wonderful inviting tropical atmosphere that makes this restaurant as good as it is.

We Recommended Barca Del Oro to:

This restaurant can be recommended to anyone but it is particularly suited to those who wants to spend a day swimming in the bay (which is safer than the beach). You can be in the water 5 seconds after you finish your meal or drink.