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Playa Roca is a hotel and restaurant located in the middle of the beach. It is a popular hang out for local expats and Nicaraguans. If you visit Playa Roca on a weekend it is not unusual to see the place full of people enjoying a good meal or a drink among friends. It is beautifully located right on the beach near a natural rock formation that goes out into the water and that has given the place its name.

You can enjoy your meal right on the beach or on the second floor in their rancho giving you an elevated view of the beach. Playa Roca has a Solar back up system in case of power failures and can be a good choice if the area is without power.

Map to Playa Roca

Playa Roca Map

Playa Roca Menu

Playa roca has a diverse menu with a lot of the dishes you expect to find in a typical Nicaraguan restaurant. The menu include a lot of fish, chicken and meat but do have other alternatives as well. They also offer a wide selection of different drinking options. We recommend the meat at Playa Roca.


The prices as Playa Roca is a little bit higher than the average for Las Penitas and Poneloya. The prices is however still lower than those you expect to pay in the US. Expect to pay around USD 10-12 for a meal with something to drink.


Our overall opinion of Playa Roca is good. They offer a wide variety of food in a beautiful location on the beach. The service is in line with what you can expect in Nicaragua. Which means good but sometimes a bit slow. Its busy nature do however mean that the noise level can be a bit high at times.

We Recommended Playa Roca to:

Playa Roca is a good choice for people that are looking for a bar more than a restaurant and enjoys when a place is full of people. If you arrive when the place isn’t very busy it can be good for a calm meal but during peak hours you are usually better of going to another restaurant if you want a calm dinner with intimate conversations. If you looking for a fun night with your friends it can be the perfect option. They have the best drink selection on the beach and is a good options if you are heading to drink.

Playa roca has a Solar back up system in case of power failures and can be a good choice if the area is without power

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  1. Playa Roca is the place to go day or night because that is where everyone goes! It is geared as a people place, it has a bar that is user friendly for chatting with locals, foreigners and Lations from all over the country. We won’t even mention the female to male count. The rocky peninsula in front protects swimmers from the strong current and that is why for generation the locals have come there to swim and enjoy the ocean. Play Roca is the place in Las Penitas

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